Queenly Elegance - Embrace Your Inner Royalty with this Majestic Short Sleeve Cropped Sports Top - Experience a Magical Yoga Journey


• Feel like royalty: Indulge in the majestic charm of the Queenly Elegance Short Sleeve Cropped Sports Top and embrace your inner royalty. This enchanting top will make you feel like a queen on and off the mat.

• Comfort meets style: With its soft and quick-drying fabric, this top gently hugs your curves, providing a comforting embrace. The elegant queen anne neckline and delicate short sleeves add a touch of regal sophistication to your yoga practice.

• Supportive and reliable: The unremovable padding and chest pad give you the support you need during intense yoga sessions. Feel like you have a loving friend standing by your side, cheering you on every step of the way.

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Middle rating means True to size.
Rating of 5 means Large.
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Color: Black